#xpnfest day 3 by stegaliu
July 28, 2013, 4:36 pm
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Made it through day 3 of the Xponential Festial fairly intact. Rain and flash flooding got the best of us during the 2nd to last band and we had to abandon 2 camp chairs, a camp table, our picnic blanket and my sunglasses. Trekked back to the car in the downpour and ankle deep water but it was worth it for such a fun end to a great weekend. Let it be know, our daughter is a trooper at a festival. She made friends with everyone sitting around us and all over the park people would stop us and say they had seen her dancing/singing/clapping/climbing all over Patrick and they were impressed she was handling it all so well. Seeing as I think she was fueled almost exclusively on free strawberry lemonade and samples of ice cream, I’m not surprised she had enough energy to make it.20130728-173149.jpg20130728-173209.jpg


Xponential Festival by stegaliu
July 27, 2013, 2:32 pm
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Eavan’s having some fun at WXPN’s Xponential Festival! It’s been a great event and we’re loving Dr. John, Red Baraat, Edward Sharpe and everyone else so far.





Ringing in the New Year with ChamPong by stegaliu
January 6, 2009, 10:59 am
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This time we greeted the New Year from the shores of ol’ New Jerz!

Ahh, how the desolate beach reminds you of all the good times…oh, wait.

Amy and Kevin kindly opened their shore house to us, their respective spouses and all 3 of our dogs:


Mr. P

And Ms. Madeline Pawlbright.

Maddie looks so sad in the pic because she’s on the way home after not accomplishing her goal of making Mr. P love her.  In reality, Mr. P wants to kill her.  He wants to take his tiny little toy Yorkie teeth and rip her jugular out.  Am I being clear enough about how Mr. P would have rather bathed with snakes than ring in the new year with Maddie?  It would make you a sad puppy too.  Thankfully Chica kept her spirits up while Mr. P sat high up on the back of the couch, not joining in the fun.

The rest of us had a great time.  There was more than a few rounds of ChamPong, not to be confused with the well thought out BeerPong of your college years.  This was more lazy and thus more appropriate for this gathering.  Playing meant sitting around the kitchen table with a tiny glass of champange in the middle trying to bounce the cork into the glass.  Come to think of it, it was more like Quarters than BeerPong but there is no way to make a fun name out of Quarters.  Here’s Amy going in for the win:

And here’s her celebratory dancing in a chair:

All in all it was an excellent New Year.  Food was made:

Patrick introduced Amy to the wonders of pastamaking (expect an entry about that very soon).  I’m not sure if Amy is horrified by the pasta or really excited here.

Naps were taken:

And family and friends were avoided:

I mean enjoyed:

So Happy New Year from the Stegaliu’s!  May you have fond memories of 2008 and good things to come in 2009!

Amy and Nick’s Wedding! by stegaliu
November 26, 2008, 11:37 pm
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So I am insanely late in posting this but a few weekends ago was the wonderful wedding of Amy and Nick. So in honor of Thanksgiving, I’m giving thanks that 1-they are finally married after 2+ years of waiting and planning and obsessing, 2-that these two amazing people have joined the ranks of the married and 3-that I have been blessed with two people who I consider family. Since I was in the wedding I wasn’t able to take any photos but Patrick took a few and to supplement here’s a smattering of his and other peoples that I stole off Facebook…thank god for the interweb:


Getting Amy in her dress. No lie, it took all 7 girls and Amy’s mom to get her in it with her falling over! it was worth it though because she looked amazing!


Here’s me looking like her very sweet (not at all wicked) stepsister, helping her on with her shoe. She’s didn’t see her own feet all day under that huge skirt!


Here’s the bride posing sexily in the limo…and my back ruining the shot.


Amy being walked down th aisle by her brother Kevin. Such a happy moment!


I just love this photo. I think it was right after the priest announced them husband and wife and Amy was so excited she squeezed her shoulders up and, man, it was just so adorable! What a great moment!


Here’s the whole crew in the limo after the ceremony. it was a packed house and we were on our way to have a ton of fun at the reception.


Here’s the happy couple on the dance floor.

I’ll try to hunt down some photos and post later. Many apologies to Amy for not having more to show her! I love you, Ames!

Working Wit’ the Kid Fitty Cent (featuring Akon) by stegaliu
October 28, 2007, 10:13 pm
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So I did my first music video not too long ago. They went over budget, into overtime, etc. But contrary to what I had been told to expect, both superstars were there on time, well rehearsed, and shot out in very few takes. 50 with G-Unit and film crew below…

To make matters worse, the stage was an abandoned military warehouse at the Marine Terminal in Port Bayonne, you guessed it, New Jersey. The only place I can imagine where cruise ship passengers, military equipment, imported freight, and film shoots can co-exist in a gated, Department of Homeland Security-guarded (zzzzzz) pier.

How much does it suck to be getting off of that cruise ship? You’ve been to any number of tropical places–Nassau, Bimini, the Caymans, what have you–and this is what you come back to: romantic Bayonne, nestled in between the Port Elizabeth Shipping Container Canyon and the Turnpike Authority Gravel Pile, nightly illuminated by the Garden State’s own glowing Aurora oilheatalis. Guh. I want to shower just looking at those pictures.