Road Trip! by stegaliu
August 30, 2011, 8:08 pm
Filed under: Baby, Carter, Eavan, Elizabeth, Family, Milestones, Vacations

Just a few shots from our road trip to Atlanta to visit the Fowlkes and new baby John.

Backseat sitting for multiple (read: hundred) readings of Kailan’s Super Happy Heart Book made mommy’s heart less than super happy.

Virginia Beach camping.  Eavan was a champ but she didn’t understand the whole “it’s ok to not sleep in your crib” thing.

We were totally unsuccessful at getting a photo of all three cousins smiling and looking at the camera.  This was just one of many cute failures.

Our last night in town we had a lovely time at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  They have this great event where they set up bars all over the garden so you can have drinks while you let the kiddies run wild.  That’s Eli, Carter and John in the center way ahead with Eavan chasing after them.  Thomas and I (and Patrick phototaking) hung back with our drinks.  Who are the smart ones here?

More pics to come soon via Patrick.