Halloween! by stegaliu
November 7, 2010, 7:12 am
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Eavan had the luck of dressing up twice for Halloween.  In big kid world this would mean twice the candy but in baby world it means being forcibly inserted into 2 ridiculous (-ly cute!) outfits.  First for her outing with her babysitter she donned a lovely and comfy Kermit the Frog outfit on Friday:

She crawled across the basketball court at the gym while the older girls were teaching the kids how to do the Thriller dance but she occasionally had to stop because of exhaustion:

For actual Halloween we decided to do a little throwback number and dress her as an angel:

Wait!  That’s not Eavan…that’s me!  This is Eavan:

She wasn’t too happy about the tinsel around her neck but it was adorable nonetheless…for the 10 minutes she wore it for a photo op with her cousin Colin:

Happy Halloween (1 week late)!

P.S. I think this is record posting for us…usually we are a month+ late.


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I’m with Eavan. Go for comfort. Cuteness sometimes isn’t worth it. Of course Froggy was also adorable–anything would be on our beautiful baby girl!

Comment by Mama Helen

Oh, the cuteness! Thanks for the pics!

Comment by elizabeth

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