Bath Time! by stegall
January 31, 2010, 8:43 am
Filed under: Eavan

Tonight it was cold and snowy outside, and since our necks had grown weary of staring lovingly at our child–and our new DVR was completely empty–the wife and I troubled about for something to make the night a little cuter.  That’s when the spirit moved us to give Eavan her first bath.

As you’ll see she was more or less cooperative, but perhaps a bit upset by the coldness of drying off (and no dear, that reluctance to get out of the shower/bath never goes away).

Oh and look out for some silliness after the jump.

Here’s something I find totally hilarious.  I stumbled on it while editing the above video in iMovie (I’m an FCP guy without my FCP and I often forget how un-capable iMovie is).  Oh the joy of primitive slow motion effects….



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Just have to love the first bath!! Your sink is perfect. I bathed you in the kitchen sink of our tiny apartment and Chris was in Mom-Mom’s tiny bathroom sink upstairs…..oh myyyy. Brenna and Rob went back to the kitchen sink on Mitchell Ave. Oh the memories. And by the way….right now she looks like you Kir! I have to pull your baby book and you will see. Love you all 🙂

Comment by Grandmom Liu

thank you for singin’. i like them singin’ in the bath. i delax in the bath.

Comment by carter

thank you, thank you for the videos! enjoyed, multiple times, by the whole family. carter particularly enjoyed the music (as evidenced by his dictated comment above). She looked so beautiful in the water!

Comment by elizabeth

oh my goodness! i go away for a spell and you have a baby! i can’t believe she’s already here. she’s gorgeous you guys. congratulations!

Comment by aarti

Congrats!!! What was her birth weigh/length?? I really enjoyed the video, Patrick – the music made me teary eyed. The second one though, just wrong… 😉
~Jyll (Elizabeth’s friend from NLRHS)

Comment by Jyll (Fortney) LAtham

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