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January 29, 2010, 9:51 pm
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After announcing to our nearest and dearest on Thursday, January 21st, that my water had broken and the birth of our 1st child was imminent and then having “imminent” turn into “eventually” we’ve had many inquiries into what exactly happened over those 4 days before Eavan Marie finally joined the world. Below I’m going to provide the play-by-play and also recording this while I still remember it all will be good for the future. You’ve been forewarned:

10am – water “breaks” while waiting for our 3rd ultrasound appointment. (Later we realize that water breaking and WATER BREAKING are totally different things…leak is a more apt description.)

1130am – confirm at The Birth Center (TBC) that water is in fact “water” aka amniotic fluid. (midwife-Jamesina)

12pm-start IV penicillin because I am GBS positive (fairly common strep strain that anyone can get that doesn’t make us sick but could make the baby sick if it contracts it when going through the birth canal.) I’ll have to get a dose every 4 hours until I deliver. (midwife-Trina)

230pm – visit acupuncturist to bring on contractions faster. Have no contractions yet and only have 24 hours to get them started or I will be transferred from TBC to Bryn Mawr hospital because of the increased risk of infection.

4pm, 8pm
12am, 4am, 8am – travel to TBC for penicillin injections all night. No contractions.

10am – transferred to Bryn Mawr hospital. Very bummed to not get to birth at TBC but the midwife goes with us to the hospital and will stay with us the whole time. (midwife-Kathy)

12pm – start pitocin IV to bring on contractions and hopefully start dialating, only at about 2cm now and 50-60% effaced.

6pm – stop pitocin after no substantial progress, eat dinner.

8pm – get administered cervidil, a cervix ripener that has been know to put women into labor or at least get them closer. Sleep until next day. (midwife-Ann)

8am – Cervidil is removed, no change to cervix again (ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???). Put back on pitocin, still minimal contractions.

12pm – Anne breaks my water. Now THIS is water breaking. It’s like a freaking biblical flood. Note: they didn’t break my water sooner because the baby was still too high in my pelvis and they were concerned that the rush of water out would suck out the cord first and the baby’s head would land on it and cause it to prolapse.  Not fun.  Breaking the water causes the pitocin contractions to really kick in.  Prior to this my belly was so distended from excessive amniotic fluid (the reason we were getting that extra ultrasound back on Thursday) that my uterus couldn’t contract enough.

1230pm-6pm – This time frame is a little hazy to me but I’m sure it was vividly clear to my mom, Helen and Patrick so they could clue you in if you really wanted to know.  Basically once they broke my water the contracts started coming on clear and sharp every 2 minutes, lasting 1 minute.  I used every position available considering I was tethered to 4 IV bags, 2 monitors connected to my belly to monitor the baby’s vitals and my contractions and, oh yeah, the awful sharp constant pitocin contractions.  For the math whizzes out there, that’s approximately 165 contractions in 5.5 hours.  And for you women out there that have birthed baby’s, that’s 165 of the type of contractions you get at the end when you are going through transition but sharper in style, if that makes any sense, no plateau.

6pm – Anne checks my cervix and there has been minimal progress, 3-4 cm, 70% effaced.  I basically weigh all the options and realize that if it took me this long to get to here I might die (exaggerated for effect) before I even get to transition (7-10 cm) and if I wait too long and need an epidural I might not be able to get one but wouldn’t have the energy to push anyway.  So…time for an epidural, much to the pleasure of the mothers and Patrick.

7pm – A note on epidurals…or on MY epidural: Women have told me time and time again how magical an epidural is, you are numb but you have some limb control.  You can feel the contractions but they don’t bother you.  You can push the baby out, no problem.  This WAS NOT my experience.  My epidural was awful.  I had no limb control, all dead weight and my legs felt like they had fallen asleep, all pins and needles from the waist down, but there was no way to “wake them up.”  I ended up having a panic attack in the middle of the night because the sensation of it was so unbearable.  Either way, I made it to the next morning in one piece and managed to get some sleep.


830am – Anne checks my cervix and I am 9cm and fully effaced!  YAY!  They hiked my pitocin up to 36 milliunits per minute overnight (max is 40) and it seems to have done the trick.  Poor Anne, who has been with us for 24 hours now is going off shift and Trina will get to come back and do the actual birth with us.  I can’t push yet because the cervix still has a bit of a lip on it and they need it to move before the baby can get out safely.

10am – Trina checks me and wants me to start pushing.  Though I can’t feel anything from the waist down I do my best and seem to be making some progress even though I can’t get off my back.  I’m too numb for the chair position where gravity would really help us out.  I push for an hour before Trina decides to confer with the OB in the hospital about alternatives (vacuum assist, etc).  This OB, who will remain nameless on this blog, is none to happy with my story.  Basically she was on shift on Friday when I was admitted and now she is back and the fact that I am still here with no baby to show for it is “not acceptable.”  She marches in the room, sticks her hand in my vagina, tells me to push, I push 3 times and she stands back, whips off her glove and says, “This baby is too big.  You’re having a c section.”  WHAT???  I’ve been pushing!  I’m right there!  It’s been over 3 days!  You’d think she’d take 30 seconds to explain her rationale to me but that was beyond the capabilities of her limited bedside manner.  I sign the consent and off to the OR we go (after a rash of crying and coming to terms with the fact that EVERYTHING I didn’t want to do, I’m having to do).

12pm – I’m prepped in the OR.  They turn the epidural up and my left hand goes dead.  Right hand, fine.  Left arm, fine.  Left hand, dead as a doornail.  AWESOME.  But barring some other not fun circumstances the surgery (eg. completely non-functioning left hand) was quick and “painless” and…

1218pm – out popped Eavan Marie!

So in short, that’s where 4 days went and how we ended up with a baby…finally!

She looked a lot happier and cleaner after in recovery.

And even better a few hours later.

Plenty more pics and posts to follow since I am laid up recovering at home, happy to have this time to spend with my newly formed family!


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She just gets more beautiful with each picture I see. Hope you are continuing to take it easy. How are Maddie and cats adjusting?

Comment by Helen

I’m sorry to hear you had such a rough time of it, Kir, but I am ecstatically happy that the end result was you and Eavan both safe, healthy and happy and back at home with Patrick. You did an extraordinary job, and your courage is definitely to be commended. I resorted to an epidural after about 6 hours of back labor with cadence, and I had the numb-sleeping-legs feeling too…definitely not fun. Personally, I feel that this story just further proves something we already knew: Kir is a total superwoman!! Rock On, Mama!

Comment by Kate

What a story, Kir. You definitely need a recovery time and what quality time with Eavan. I know Patrick is thankful to have “his girls” home. You three are a beautiful family. The pics are a treat! Can’t wait to hold her.

Love to all, Aunt Linda

Comment by Aunt Linda

What a story! I’m so sorry it didn’t work out the way you had planned, but I’m happy you had the wonderful prenatal care TBC provides (I’ve had both my kids there). Eaven is beautiful!

Comment by mamatotwoboys

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