New Year, New Post. by stegaliu
January 3, 2010, 9:15 pm
Filed under: Baby, Misc

So…it’s been about 3 months since we posted.  The easy answer is I’m pregnant and nothing of interest has happened in 3 months.  But that would be untrue.  In the past 3 months we’ve been on a vacation to Arkansas, hosted our first official Thanksgiving at our house, replaced all the major appliances in our kitchen and thus had a show down with a major corporate entity, celebrated Christmas with Helen and Phil in Philadelphia, I got (DO NOT CLICK UNLESS YOU ENJOY BEING GROSSED OUT) PUPPP, which is this really fun full body pregnancy-induced rash, and grew exponentially in size.  We also have been busy getting the baby’s rooms ready, rearranging our house (no more dining rom) and trying to train Maddie to ignore the cats in the hopes that we won’t have to get rid of Chairman who doesn’t seem like he’ll be able to handle Maddie AND a new baby.

I suspect that in the new year, with the new arrival, posting will be more frequent so we can keep the far away family apprised of the little ones growth…but I’m not making any promises.  If we don’t post it might force said family to move closer.  Just kidding!


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I look at your blog several times everyday (I know, I know. . .) and have been consistenly dismayed to see no new posts since October. So YEA! You posted!! PLEEEEEASE continue. (Especially with the excitement that is coming soon.) Love.H

Comment by Helen

yeah. ditto what mom said. ‘cept i don’t check all the time, because I just have you on an RSS feed, but, still… love to see your updates!

Comment by elizabeth

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