Very Belated Post by stegaliu
September 12, 2009, 4:44 pm
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I’m letting Patrick do the Minneapolis post but I figured since I had a few minutes I would post some pics and a quick roundup of our camping trip that was over a month and a half ago with Marty, Martha, Michelle and Ajay. At the end of July we headed up to the Poconos to Hickory Run State Park.  We arrived Friday night, after work, with light dying quickly and thunderheads rolling in.  We raced against the clock to get the tents and the pop up up so we wouldn’t end up sleeping in our cars while Patrick optimistically started the fire.  It all turned out well and as Marty and I drove in the last stake right before the heavens opened and poured down its contents on us for about 45 minutes.  We dove for the pop up and spent our time making food and stopping Maddie from crying at the thunder claps.  The rain cleared and miraculously the fire was still going at full tilt.  Only Patrick can make that happen.

It was a great weekend full of ladderball, hiking, stone skipping and much needed rest.  (I’m ignoring the part of the story where it started raining non stop on Saturday night and we ran away to my parents Pocono house to sleep since it was only 30 minutes away)


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Good lord I look like a psycho!

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