Girls Weekend! by stegaliu
May 16, 2009, 9:08 am
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So this blog is tracking about 2-3 weeks behind real life for reasons unnecessary to list.  To keep in that vein, here’s some delightful tidbits from my girls weekend with Libby and Nell.

I treated them to a hearty Saturday breakfast of eggs, pork roll and toast.


Never heard of pork roll you say?  It’s sort of like canadian bacon but tangy-er.  Please don’t ask what makes it tangy.  It’s delicious breakfast meat and we all would prefer not to know.  See, Libby, doesn’t want to know.  Let her eat in peace.


(Terrible) Bowling ensued…


as did recreating obnoxious hipster photos ala Last Night’s Party, Cobrasnake, et al.


Followed up by pedicures


and capped off with CHIK FIL A!!!


Now if anyone out there doesn’t think that 1-girls don’t eat fast food because they are watching their figure


2-that we are the only people making a big deal about a “stupid chicken place”,



you are sorely mistaken.

Saturday night we celebrated Erin’s birthday with yummy margarita’s!


Sunday we were supposed to go to a Phillies game but the beginning of what would turn out to be 9 days of rain (and a major failure of our roof’s part) started and rained us out.  Instead we did what any self-respecting Phildelphians do on rainy Sunday afternoons…eat cheesesteaks!


Hopefully this will all be repeated shortly when the girls come back to the rescheduled game.  Love you guys!…I mean, girls!



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hahahahaha chik fil-a rules!!!!!!!!

and pork roll sounds so so so yummy!


Comment by aarti

i love it! so jealous of girls’ weekend!

Comment by elizabeth

My first pedicure and worst bowling score in recent memory… perfect weekend!

Comment by nell

I want Chick-Fil-A!

Comment by Amy

So, Kir, is a pork roll from the same family as that the (gag) scrapple you Pennsyvanians are so crazy about……

Sounds like you had a great “girls” weekend.


Comment by Terri

It’s not really the same family per se. Unless “family” is meant to include food products from the same animal mixed with “spices” and other things you’d rather not speak of in polite company.

Comment by stegaliu

I expect to be invited to the next girls weekend.

Comment by Gary

[…] in town long enough to have brunch, it was restaurant week in Philly, our rained out game from the Girls Weekend visit in May was rescheduled for Sunday and I was far enough along to get the sonogram to find out we are […]

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