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May 9, 2009, 1:00 pm
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When we moved into our house it had been vacant for at least a year, possibly 2.  This led to all sorts of joyous discoveries of things that had not been checked up on, previously chronicled here and here.  Additionally, the various gardens and plots and not been tended too and Patrick and I, not being much into flower gardening, had no idea what was growing.  The beds in the front were literally spilling over with long green leaves of undetermined origin as well as some really ugly bush things.  We pulled out the bushes and cut back all the leaves to the ground.  Mind you we had no idea what we were doing or if anything would grow back but we were more concerned with getting it out of there and figured that if it all died them we would dig out all the root systems and start anew with things we liked.  The one thing we did leave were the daffodils, the only thing I was able to recognize from the leaves, as they hadn’t bloomed yet.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the daffodils but mere weeks later all those thick green leaves had grown back and for weeks that was all they were.  But just last week I noticed a long shoot and a bud and after all the rain we had they miraculously bloomed into this:


On the side of the house we also have a rose bush that just started blooming:


And the tree in the front is filling in with ivy and these little beauties:

IMG_4413_2Anyone know the name of those?

Also if anyone can help we out with naming these it would be much appreciated:IMG_4406_2



I’m pretty sure these last two are just a trees trying to sprout because they look just like the giant oak and Japanese maple we already have so let me know if I should just pull it.

Next up – Vegetable gardening!


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