Clothing Swap by stegaliu
March 8, 2009, 7:36 am
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Last night I went over my friend Erin’s for a clothing swap party.  Many of you may have heard about these parties on the news or online but we had such a fun time I figured there was no harm on touting the idea on the blog too.  A clothing swap party is exactly like it sounds.  You go through your closet and gather up all the things you dont want, aren’t wearing, bought and never wore, always meant to take back and never did, etc  and get a bunch of your similarly sized girlfriends over with their items and “go shopping” in their cast off piles.  Wine, food and your choice of music (ours was early 90’s girl rap with som Al Green thrown in) and it’s a party!  I ended up with a nice flutter sleeve black t-shirt and a very cute white sundress.  I also emptied out 2 whole drawers of stuff I had been meaning to bring to Goodwill and just never had the motivation to.  In this economy, not spending a dime and getting “new” clothes sounds like a great deal to me!

Everything else we didn’t want was going to go to Goodwill but as fate would have it, a family friend of Erin’s house burnt down just last week leaving a family of high school/college-age girls and a mom with no clothes.  They are going to get everything to choose from (a huge amount a stuff even after 8 girls went through it) and then anything they don’t want will end up at GoodWill.

Who doesn’t love recycling AND giving to those who need it?