Another Patch in the Wall (pt. 1) by stegall
December 24, 2008, 12:12 pm
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Ed. note: The title of this post reflects the fact that I anticipate no fewer than 2 new installments of the “Another Patch in the Wall” series after the Holidays. Head of Household has put a stop order on all new demo-related projects pending various Christmas parties.

You might remember the unpleasantness that was this debacle. Here’s a picture to remind you.

img_3525So here’s what became of all that. I’m quite proud of my first successful major repair (even though the fruit of my labor is hidden behind the couch, the point is that you don’t notice it).

First I had to strip away all of the debris…

img_3523Once that was gone the sandy bit got a several coats of concrete bonding adhesive which made it solid. Then the drywall was cut and put on the wall and the joints were taped and mudded.

img_3762Once that was nice and smooth I primed it, replaced the trim, and it all got a coat of paint.

img_3779Done and done! Further photos of Living Room 2.0 to follow.


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