Phantastic! by stegall
October 30, 2008, 10:07 am
Filed under: PA

I can’t think of a better “Welcome to Philly” gift than a World Series Championship. Philadelphia, like Boston and Chicago, is one of those towns with a lot of loyal baseball fans–fans who remain loyal despite numerous loosing seasons (28 to be exact). I know people here who were excusing their kids from school for the victory parade three weeks ago, and I was half expecting them to make it this far and the totally cave after game five was suspended due to rain two nights ago. It’s the kind of freakish thing that can shake a team and the fans mentally and cause them to choke (see Chicago Cubs’ Steve Bartman Incident of 2003). But alas, they pulled through.

It seems like everyone in southeastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and northern Delaware had two questions on their mind: 1) Will the Phillies phinally win? and 2) How many people will die in the riot?

The answer the first question is clearly yes. The second… well… no one died as a DIRECT result of the bedlam that ensued (that I know of), but if you include indirect causes of death like cardiac arrest or alcohol poisoning, that number might change.

Sadly I will miss the parade tomorrow as I am returning to NYC for work. But I did get to see a little of the celebration. The video below was taken in the ‘burbs (Springfield) right in front of John Nolan’s house where I watched the game. If I didn’t tell you that you’re hearing celebratory car alarms, pots and pans, fireworks, and cheering children, you might think you were hearing looting, small arms fire, and the wail of death. It is Philadelphia, after all.


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