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September 28, 2008, 10:38 pm
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This weekend (in the middle of moving) Kir and I somehow found time (ok, we planned it this way) to ride in the MS 150 City to Shore race with Kir’s dad.  There are a number of rides you can do–100 mile century, 25 mile fun ride, etc.–but the main attraction is the two-day, 150 mile ride.  Theoretically one is supposed to ride from just outside of Philly (the Woodcrest PATCO station in Jerz) to Ocean City on Saturday (about 75 miles) and then back on Sunday.  Theoretically….

This is Kir and I crossing the finish line (Evan was about 30 yards ahead of us).  But here we all are, post-ride.

Citing sore feet (Patrick), sore legs (Kir), a wussy daughter and son-in law (Evan), and a less-than-good (bad) seafood dinner (everyone), we ended up not riding back the next day.  Judging by the quantity of numbered bikes we saw strapped to vehicles on the Garden State Parkway Sunday noon, we weren’t the only ones to skip the second half of the ride.  I gues the MS 150 is kinda the MS 76.1.  Evan claims to have done the ride to the Shore 10 times and the ride back only 3.  Next year we’re just going to ride 100 miles in one day and not bother pretending to do it all over again the next day.

Still, we kicked ass all the way “down the Shore”.  [Non-sequitur alert!!!]  Down the Shore…. that’s what they say in Philly.  This bugs me to no end.  When I hear “We kicked ass all the way down the Shore,” I imagine the three of us kicking ass while moving due-south, parallel to the coastline–you know, down the shore.  But what Philadelphians mean when they say they “kicked ass all the way down the Shore” is that they kicked ass all the way down TO THE Shore.  I know they’re just two little words, but I guess all the cheesesteaks and hoagies and scrapple and Tastykake and soft pretzels and pork roll and Irish potatoes and stewed Met fans they eat down here render them too lazy for certain prepositions, conjunctions, articles, etc.   Here’s another example…

Parent: “Turn the TV off and go do your homework!”

Teen: “No ma! I’m already done it!”

Me: “You mean you’re done WITH it?”

Teen: “No.  I’m doneit.”

(beat, splashing sound)

Teen: “Aww man, I just spilt sooda on my phoone.”

Parent: “And you got some on your far-head.  Here, let me get you a tal…”



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and now your moving there. you’re in for sooo much more fun (and ranting!)

Comment by elizabeth

FARhead! Get the kid an icepack. I tjought everyone knew a FAR is what you have roaring in the farplace. In order for something to have been spilt first something must be tumped. i.e. He spilt his sooda when he tumped over his sooda can. Ain’t grammar grand. Dad

Comment by phil

if you can’t handle going down the shore then try not to travel too far into pa dutch country. 10 minutes with that language/accent and your brain might explode. you’ll have guts all over your farhead. but at least you can eat yourself full of shoofly pie.

Comment by nell

hahahahaahahahaaaaa i would lose my cool over that too! i still lose it when i hear someone say “continue on”… aghghghghghghghghghghghg!!!!!

Comment by aarti

They say New Yawkers have funny accents, too….

Comment by Terri

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