Saddle up boys; we’re Oscar Mike! by stegall
September 24, 2008, 11:01 am
Filed under: Moving

Oscar Mike is Marine Corps slang for O.M., meaning “on the move” (thank you, Generation Kill). This is likely to be our last entry before a truck with all of our belongings heads down to Philadelphia where it will sit in the Liu driveway until being offloaded into our house on Monday. Kir will be in NYC five days a week until her contract job is up in December. I will have a lingering presence in the City, flitting back and forth between towns when my phone rings for work. So in one sense it’s really our stuff that’s moving, not us.

So long, Worldly Possessions! Like, send me an email once you get settled cause I totally want to come down and hang.


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Do you feel slightly homeless? Stay in touch since we won’t know for sure where you are at any given time. (Like I did anyway. . .) Love.Mom

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