Amazin’! by stegall
September 24, 2008, 10:52 am
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Nick brought me along to a Mets game Tuesday night. There has been a dark pall of late-season collapse looming in the air around the Amazin’s lately. Predictably they’ve been losing when they can least afford to and, as of last night, they were 2.5 games behind the Phils and their wild card lead on the Brewers was down to 1 game.

Did I mention we have a difficult schedule, playing the formidable Cubs (never thought I’d write that phrase) while the Phillies and Brewers are playing plump teams with double digit game defecits, long eliminated from playoff contention–the Braves (sorry Thomas) and Pirates, respectively.

We weren’t planning on having a fun evening at the ball park.

Crowds steaming of the 7 train. Mets fans are a self-hating lot. Overheard on the way into the stadium:

Nick: “40,000 people here. And they all know exactly how this is going to end.”

Guy from Queens: “Yeah, I hope Luis Castillo dies in a fire.”

This was probably my last trip to Shea due to both the move to Philly and the eminent destruction of Shea stadium to make room for parking at CitiField (seen in the background petting a moody white cat and cooing, “Good, good. All is going to plan.”)

This is how the first third of the game went. Guess if it was good.

The only laughter in the first three innings was derived from this Cub’s last name. If you can’t read and really want to know what it is, look it up. He plays right field.

Yada yada yada, the Mets tied it up and took a small lead. Nick again, dripping sarcasm: “One up with six innings to go, what could go wrong?”

Luckily the thing that went wrong was a fan charging onto the field while the Mets had the bases loaded. Everyone had a laugh and then Jose Reyes hit a triple directly up the first base line and added three. Woot!

Nick, overcome with joyous, blurry dancing–made extra joyous when the Braves beat the Phillies (many thanks to that Gas Shortage Gang) and the Pirates took a lead over the Brewers. Mets win 6-2!

On the train ride home from Flushing, Nick consults his iPhone for Milwaukee/Pittsburgh updates. By Long Island City, the Brewers have come back to win and stay a single game behind the Mets in the NL wild card.

Look at this face. This is what loving an always-a-bridesmaid team does to you.


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