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September 23, 2008, 2:32 pm
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Kir and I took a long overdue cooking class at ICE Saturday night. I say long overdue because Kir bought me this (or any) class as a birthday gift in something like 2005 and it seemed that we needed to use it on our last weekend in NYC.

The class was not so much a class as an invitation to cook dishes you normally wouldn’t. A menu was planned and we were split up into groups to make them. Of course Kir and I chose to be in the pasta group (I’ve long wanted to see the Kitchenaid Pasta Rollers in action).

Of course we made the best dish of the meal, which probably had more to do with the fact that it contained fresh pasta, cured ham, and butter than our abilities as cooks. Here are some of the highlights…

A delicious carpaccio with basil and parm cheese. (Although I think Tom Colicchio would dock them for not cooking anything.)

One of Kir’s favorites, sauteed mushrooms and meat over polenta.

Tuscan lamb stew tasted very much like stew.

Poached cotechino sausage with lentils which kir said was delicious and I forgot to eat.

And here’s ours–pig, onion, and butter on a pile of fresh rolled fettucine. One of the only menu items to disappear from the platter completely.

And here is Kir’s plate (with obligatory ICE logo) with all the elements assembled.



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well done! one day i will have a kitchenaid and i will get the gunmetal grey one, and put those hot rod flame decals on the side a la alton.

for now i will look with envy at your perfectly-made pasta! fabulous!

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