Post 4 of 5: Eli and Carter Visit! by stegaliu
September 19, 2008, 7:31 am
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A year ago, when Eli, Thomas and Carter deserted us for the wilds of Atlanta, Georgia we were comforted by the fact that Eli would be telecommuting to NYC about once a month and staying with us while she was there.  Every visit was a great chance to catch up and hang out and was probably more face time than we had with her than when they still lived in Brooklyn.  The sad part was no Thomas and, most importantly (sorry, Thomas), no Carter.  He’s just a joy of a little boy, Patrick and my first nephew, and we were around from the day he was born and looked like a skinny old man (in knit cowboy boots) until the day they moved when he was a toddler.  Over the past year we’ve seen him once or twice but kids do so much growing in this time that I think we feel like we’ve missed a good chunk of his quickly growing life.

Since we will also be moving soon and thus not seeing any of the Fowlkes’ as frequently, Eli brought the little bugger to us for one final stay at our place in Bville.  It was a great visit even with the daily commutes into the city to daycare and maybe 1 or 2 toddler meltdowns.  While there were here we HAD TO bring Carter to our favorite place, Muscoot Farm!

He was a little afraid of the animals at first so I had to show him how sweet they were:

But he had the most fun riding on the tractor with his mama:

Why is it that all little boys love farm equipment?  Does it come hardwired in their DNA?  Or is it just gender-reinforced societal stereotypes?  Either way, he loved it.

He also loved drinking some local milk our of a big boy cup!

Nice milk mustache, Buddy!

We don’t know when we’ll see him again but it won’t be soon enough.


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Such sweet pictures of the boy. and, my, how that goose-egg on his forehead shows up!

Comment by elizabeth

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