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September 18, 2008, 6:06 am
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In the 3 years since I’ve become an avid rider I haven’t gotten into any major accidents.  Sure, I’ve been almost doored by any number of people getting out of cars and cabs in the city, nearly squished between a bus and truck, skidded out on sand and gravel and gotten stuck in my clips and just tipped over like a falling tree at a stop light but nothing terrible has happened to me and certainly nothing involving another rider.  Until now.

So unless Bicycle Sundays are in effect, Patrick refuses to ride on the bike path on the weekends.  The paths are pretty narrow in spots and on the weekends are overrun with bikers, walkers, runners, rollerbladers, families, dogs, geese, etc.  But with the big ride just around the corner and the mornings being too dark to ride I decided to go out alone.  I managed to dodge a few errant runners who couldn’t hear me say, “ON YOUR LEFT!” before I passed because of their headphones and I only yelled at one lady who uses one of the TERRIBLE extend-a-leash things with her dog. (sidenote: DO NOT use those leashes.  They are incredible dangerous to bikers who, at fast speeds and with lot of other distractions can’t see the very thin line crossing from one side of the path where you are walking to 20 feet to your right or left where you dog has stretched his leash to and is hiding in the bushes.  If someone runs into it, they will go flying, your dog will go flying and you may go flying and then you may get sued for the injury you caused by letting you dog run wild on a useless flexy leash thing. Rant over.)

So, the accident.  I had about 3 miles left in my ride and had caught up to another cyclist.  The path being so crowded and narrow I had to be content with following him and not passing him.  He was riding at a good click so it wasn’t really a problem.  There is a very small but steep downhill curve at a certain part of the path and in the summer, with the leaves on the bushes being in full effect, it makes it a somewhat blind curve.  I was pretty close behind this guy when we started to go downhill and coming uphill was a little girl on a pink Huffy bike riding smack in the middle of the path.  The guy goes around the curve, the little girl swerves to avoid him and on her swerve back she crashes right into me.  We both go flying, me onto the grass, her onto the asphalt and all movement on the path comes to a halt.  Luckily I didn’t break anything.  The little girl was hurting but her dad came and apologized to me and got her up off the ground.  She was more freaked out than anything, I think.  After making sure everyone was ok I got back on the bike to finish the ride only to find that, though my wheel was straight, my handlebars were twisted about 30 degrees to the right.  It made for an interesting ride home.

When I got home and got my gear off all the adrenaline that had been pumping through me from being thrown into the air hit me with full effect, as did the pain in my right forearm.  On the ride home it had swelled up to the size of a lemon and was bright red.  The muscle was badly bruised pretty deep down and stayed that way for over 2 weeks, never turning into a dark black bruise but my whole arm taking on a slightly greenish tinge.  Overall it could have been much worse but from now on I’ll stick with Patrick on the weekends.


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“never turning into a dark black bruise but my whole arm taking on a slightly greenish tinge”

um, ow??
glad you’re ok, though…good call on sticking with patrick from now on. ack!!
we miss you guys…coming up on your first anniversary, we’re thinking of you both, and hope that all is well.
much love,

Comment by kate

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