Post 2 of 5: Stegaliu Farm adventures by stegaliu
September 17, 2008, 6:53 am
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As many of you know, Patrick and I have grown obsessed with farms.  So obsessed in fact that we are buying a 100+ year old farm house in a decidedly non-rural area just so we can be a little closer to our dream of one day having our own farm.  To be a little more specific on that dream, someday we hope to own enough land for, at the very least, some goats to make cheese, 1 or 2 horses and a whole pack of dogs.  That’s not asking much, is it?  Oh and a tennis court.  We’d like to throw that in there.  Sure, sure the whole bougie idea of having a tennis court might not quite jibe with the farm dream but hey, we are a modern couple and we have eclectic needs.  Tennis being one of them.

So a few weeks ago, after a year of living in Westchester, we actually had a weekend with nothing to do but explore our soon-to-be-ex county.  After a quick stop at Google  we found the perfect spot for a Sunday excursion, Muscoot Farm.  Muscoot was bought by the county in the 60s and is the perfect place to bring your kids to get a taste of farm life.  Now Patrick and I have no kids, but did that stop us?  NO!  We don’t need kids to justify this:

Yes, that’s a 1 month old Holstein calf trying to suckle my arm. Their tongues are a little like sandpaper (like a cat’s) and, yes, I was covered in cow spit, but getting up close and personal with an animal like that is just too cool, at least to us.  The farm also houses the Westchester Mounted Police Units horses and has every other type of adorable farm animal including this insanely huge pig:

I’m not sure that you can tell from this photo but that animal is the size of a Chevy Nova.  I’m not kidding.  Until we leave we’ll be going to the farm as much as possible and then if I have my way someday we’ll have a little pygmy goat to live in the backyard with the dogs.  Like Charlie from our wedding.

What can I say?  We are farm addicts.


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1.) that photo of the cowlick is amazing.
2.) my dad is planning on buying a farm, too, hopefully in the next three years or so. it seems like everyone is having a go at the farming thing right now…(james has been wanting to have a farm for years, too) you might be interested in this…our friends rog & sue have recently (like last week) moved onto their brand spankin’ new farm and are chronicling their adventures in making it their livelihood here:
3.) yeah, that cowlick pic is really amazing.

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