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September 16, 2008, 8:08 am
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Hey all you lonesome Stegaliu blog readers.  We have been gone for awhile because things have just been insane!  So to make it up to you I’m going to blog every day for the rest of the week.  We’ve had visitors and injuries and bread adventures and work to talk about so I think I’ll be able to fill up the pages and hopefully Patrick will be able to weigh in too.

So to start, going back a few weeks, my dad’s sister Laura along with her husband, Ken and their awesome kids, Cara and Jonnie, came to the Big Apple for a visit.  The first night they were here we decided to walk them over the Brooklyn Bridge at dusk.  Here’s Patrick’s obligatory Brooklyn Bridge photo:

Walking people over the bridge is always one of my favorite ways to show off the city.  It was bittersweet for me since its probably the last time I’ll get to do it as a real NYer.  But if I’m going to show it to anyone I’m glad it was the Liu-Pomerantz clan.  This is as close as Jonnie would stand to me (I’ll say its just the age and not like I ACTUALLY have cooties) so I had to make it more torturous by giving him bunnie ears.

Here’s Laura doing her motherly duty of having everyone pose together for her obligatory vacation shot.

And here’s Jonnie and Ken doing exactly what I take people to the bridge to do, taking in the majesty that is New York City.

We were so happy to have them here and don’t see them enough.  The last time was at our wedding almost a year ago!  Hopefully we’ll make it out to Minnesota to visit next year.


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My choice of favorite tourist places, as well. How many films can you name that have shots of the Brooklyn Bridge? Be sure to read David McCullough’s The Great Bridge!

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