Camping! by stegaliu
August 26, 2008, 7:27 pm
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Last weekend was out yearly camping extravaganza.  It was a hit, as expected and we are will happily be making the trip again next year even when we live 2 hours farther away.  Here’s some highlights:





and bacci! (with monogramed balls no less)

and bacci! (with monogramed balls no less)

I was happy to provide the groups with lovely nutritious food:

There were amazing feats of physical prowess:

outstanding games of Ladder Ball (aka hillbilly horseshoes aka our new favorite lawn game):

And Patrick got down and dirty

to get really awesome jumping shots, like this:

Can’t wait to do it next year with the whole crew again!


HOUSE!!! by stegaliu
August 18, 2008, 8:27 am
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Our offer was accepted on our very first stand alone, not-attached-to-anyone, not-a-4-floor-walkup, 100+ year old farm house!  We are insanely excited at the first check off on our long list of life goals, own a farm house.  We have to schedule the inspection this week so cross your fingers for no structural issues and no termites!

Success!!! by stegaliu
August 10, 2008, 6:41 pm
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After months of planning, sneaking and lying we were able to successfully surprise Amy at her bridal shower!  It was a great day and getting to see the look on her face when she walked in the door, expecting a birthday party for Nick’s aunt and seeing 50 of her closest family and friends, was priceless.

She didn’t cry as we expected.  Apparently she laughs when she’s surprised.  I guess after nearly 15 years you can still learn something new about your best friend.

We got to do the obligatory bridal shower “veil”.  Isn’t she lovely, folks?

I’m so excited for the wedding when we get to see this gorgeous couple walk down the aisle!

I love you guys!  MWAH! -Kir

Moving. by stegaliu
August 10, 2008, 6:36 am
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We are bad posters but I am not going to waste time apologizing.  It’s been an insane summer as most of you probably already know. We have had visitors galore, new jobs, jobs out of town, shower planning for best friends and now…MOVING.

Moving has been a big and exciting decision for us but its also been fraught with stress.  Leaving our friends, the city, the life we’ve spent the past 7 years building will be incredibly difficult but right now we are so swamped with planning that I haven’t had the time to dwell on it.  We put our house on the market 4 weeks ago, sure that in this market we were in for a 6-9 month wait for an acceptable offer and also bracing ourselves to eat some money.  Zoom ahead to a whole 3 DAYS LATER and we have not only an offer but one where we won’t end up living in my parents basement.  We aren’t going to talk much about it until the papers are signed but, here’s to hopin’!

On the house hunting side we can’t say much because we can’t get our hopes up.  We have found a place but it needs a very thorough once over from the home inspector before we empty out our pocket books.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!