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April 22, 2008, 7:40 am
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So there are many out there that think that Prius owners are self-congratulatory people, always patting ourselves on the back for doing the green thing (see South Park episode where hybrid owners pollute the town with SMUG not SMOG). And it may be true that owning a hybrid car makes us feel good about ourselves and being able to do this tiny thing for the environment but what makes me feel even better is that we get to fill up our tanks less frequently and with gas at $3.45 a gallon in Westchester that makes a huge difference in our wallets.

Warm weather really affects the mileage we get because, as we all know from high school chemistry class, in the winter the air in the tires condenses thus making them a little less full and bringing down the mileage. It’s great having a screen in the car to constantly monitor your mileage because it really teaches you how to drive more efficiently. Example: not over accelerating just to get around the guy in front of you that is going the same speed as you but for some reason you MUST PASS or learning to coast down hills and pick up speed to get you up the next hill so you don’t have to accelerate as much and put unnecessary strain on the engine. I think all cars, not just hybrids, should have a screen like this. It would cut down on speeding and also gas usage.

Now since it’s gotten warmer Patrick and I have been in competition to get the mileage as high as possible. It leveled out at 49.8 mpg during the past week and we figured that that’s basically the limit of the car. UNTIL TODAY:



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Note the 516 miles on the bottom right corner. That’s one tank.

Comment by Patrick

that is pretty amazing. For a while I was driving a prius for work, and I definitely felt a little smug about it, but i’m kind of a jerk.

Comment by gary m


Comment by Kate

I have no idea what any of the words in this post mean.

Comment by nell

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