Bad Back… by stegaliu
April 20, 2008, 1:00 pm
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Since we’ve been out of town every weekend for the past 5 weekends the apartment had gone to the dogs…er, the cats.  It was a complete mess so I stayed in today to clean, clean, clean.  I got to every room but the bedroom (which really needs it) by lunch time and decided to reward myself with a nice lunch of dumplings.  After scrubbing the floors, vacuuming, doing dishes, dusting, all it took was leaning over to grab a pot out of a lower cabinet to push my lower back over the edge.  At this point the onset of the injury no longer causes me to scream like it used to.  I just freeze, groan silently at the idea of being laid up for hours/days and instead turn gingerly to the freezer to get out the ice (instead of my dumpling lunch) and walk slowly the the rug in the living room to lay down.  I’m writing this from there and hope to be up and walking again in time for dinner with Eli who is in town for the night.  Hopefully when Patrick gets home he can finish cleaning the bedroom.  I’m sure he’s racing home to do just that.  That and to help me get some lunch.


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Oh Kir! So sorry to hear about your back. And I DO hope Patrick racing home. Please take care of yourself. Love.Helen

Comment by Helen

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