Ye Olde Barn Trip by stegall
April 16, 2008, 8:53 am
Filed under: Family, PA

Here are a few carefully chosen, now-more-than-a-week-old pictures from our outing to a farm near the Liu’s house in PA. If I remember correctly the farm belongs to Kirstin’s grandfather’s cousin (Pop-Pop, not Yeh-Yeh). The incredible thing is that this 130-acre spread is now situated smack in the middle of the viral hot zone of reproductive humanity known as Delaware County. At this point the farm is largely ornamental and developers have been salivating over the open swaths of field and rolling hills that would suit a subdivision of McMansions so well. Not to worry, the owners aren’t even entertaining the notion of a multi-multi-million dollar sale (and there have been offers).

Without further ado, here are the pictures. I’m not commenting on each one this time because sometimes I think it gets redundant, “Here’s Kir on a wooden fence. Here’s a goat.” You have eyes. You can tell Kirstin on a wooden fence from a goat.

NERD BONUS: The landscape is so epic that I chose to crop all of these down to the classic “anamorphic” cinema aspect ratio of 2.4:1, aka Panavision or ‘Scope. Here is the wikipedia page just in case you really want to geek out over rectangles. The unabbreviated, uncropped, uncolor-corrected files are on our flickr site. Just click the column on the left side of our blog. You know, over there

<———— Flickr page


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What a beautiful place! And a barn to die for. . .and the goats! Someday at Calico. . .

Comment by Mom (Helen)

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