(Very) French Bread by stegall
April 16, 2008, 3:17 pm
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Today I was off again, and I was trying to find a productive way to waste time before I start my new gig tomorrow.  So I made baguettes.  The Franco-phobe in me was going to do a funny post where I would refuse to call them baguettes, insisting instead upon Jumbo Doughy Freedom Bats, then it occurred to me that there was nothing more French than baking in my boxers (I don’t like flour coated clothes) while collecting unemployment benefits.  They came out a little misshapen, but perfectly brown, fragrant, and socialist

Mmmm…. I can just taste the taxpayer’s dollars!

So its back to work for a week and change tomorrow, but hopefully by the time I finish that job I’ll be ready to try my hand at . . . sourdough!

(That’s my starter, allow 8-10 days for a colony of yeast and bacteria to stop by)

(Oh and Kir, if you’re reading this, can I let a bowl of flour, sugar, and water grow bacteria in our kitchen for 8-10 days?  Thanks.)


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Yes, you may. Thank you for asking.

Comment by Kir

Do your socialist dough bats want to come over my house so that I can see how they taste? Technically, if your bread is socialist, I own your kitchen. And I am hungry.

Comment by nell

A perfect addition to your beautiful new kitchen. Let us know how the sour dough goes.

Comment by Mom (Helen)

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