Arkansas Adventure! by stegall
April 2, 2008, 10:43 pm
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Kir, Nell, and I spent last weekend traveling the South. Needless to say the weather was not cooperating (missed connection in Cincinnati, drove to LR from Memphis, delayed on the trip home), but we still managed to give Nell an appropriately enlightening tour of the Natural State. Either that or she’s too polite to say otherwise. How Southern of her!


Many thanks to Nell for:A) All of the below.B) Taking many of these pictures.C) Coining the best dog-name in history (Princess Spiderman).D) Being “Cloris”, “Mama”, and an all-around trooper.E) Correcting our improper use of vocabulary (A long, winding road makes Nell nauseated, but a bowl of cheap pasta and sauce is nauseous. Right?)


We awoke Saturday to find it chilly and grey. It stayed that way for most of the trip. How to make the best of it…



And Dogs!


John has hooked a Goose! (His new bulldog’s name is Goose. And no. He was not actually hooked.)
Jake’s new puppy, Barak O’Dogma.
Princess Spiderman (w/ Nell)
From right: Princess Spiderman’s Older Brother (w/ Kirstin), Barak O’Dogma (w/ Melissa), (John)
A fleeting sign of Spring. Fleeting.
 Cloris and Cloris. Totes BFF.
Problem: Golf cart dead in open field, at bottom of big hill.
Solution: Dean Clift (who keeps a tow strap in his Four Runner—you know, just in case a golf cart should ever die somewhere).
Lack of problem. (Problem solved.)And that was pretty much that. We drove back to Little Rock on Sunday afternoon where Nell learned that God does not want you to drink beer in public on Sunday. But the Fountain does, and it wants you to play shuffleboard too.In the end we all had a splendid time.I thought the trip could only have been more enjoyable if either A) the weather had been much, much nicer or B) I went home with an outline of the state of Arkansas tattooed on my right forearm.And while I couldn’t control the weather…
I could hire Jud from Seventh Street Tattoo.Maximum enjoyment achieved!

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Also, you guys need to see cadence. she’s like, not even a baby anymore.

that, and we miss you. got some time for a get together soon?

Comment by Kate

God says no drink on Sunday. Kir and Patrick say drink every day. Nell says Okay.

Twas fun y’all. Thank you kindly.

Comment by nell

We should have had hocho in Arkansas.

Comment by nell

SO glad you had fun, in spite of everything–weather, dead cart. The dogs are SO cute. Walter will be so jealous that they were on his “estate.” He’ll have to pee on EVERYTHING!

Comment by Mom

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