PA weekend #1 of 4 by stegaliu
March 17, 2008, 9:19 am
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We are going to be in Philly 4 of the next 5 weekends for various events, get togethers, and holidays. This was the first big trip home and will filled it to the gills. Saturday was the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. Karen had her usual lovely open house full of breakfast goodies, Bloody Marys, Mimosa’s and more. What’s St. Patrick’s Day without early morning boozing? Then the whole clan headed over to the parade. Patrick has an obsession with taking photos of the growing ever cuter Aidan. Here’s some cute ones:


The Mummers are another obsession of Patrick’s. It’s a time honored Philadelphia tradition of getting blitzed out of your head, putting on the most flamboyant costume you can find, playing music and “strutting” in the parade. Men and their friends have been teaching their sons how their fathers taught them back so far into Philadelphian history I can’t even tell how long. To learn more about them, click here.


There are lots of other cute pics on our Flickr so feel free to visit and steal anything you want.

We were also in PA to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom! She is the ripe young age of 46. Yeah, she’s a young’n. That’s what happens when you pop out your first kid at 21!!!


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Despite a few scrapes on the face, I’m growing ever cuter, too! Come take pictures of me, Uncle Patrick!

Comment by Carter

We did have a great time and we were so glad you could join us! Thanks Patrick for taking the photos of the kids and staying away from us old folks!! I love the one of Dad and Aidan! And Anna up on Jim’s shoulders is precious! Spring has sprung now that St. Patrick’s Day is over!! Blessings of peace to all. 🙂

Comment by Mom Liu

nice pictures… can you increase the type size for us old folks?

Comment by Dad

Loved the pics!! What a great family–thanks for including me. See you all on the 4th!!

Comment by Loretta Mossman

i love the idea of passing on the tradition of dressing up in garish costumes and strutting around for St Patty’s. I need to get me a kid, and some traditions.

Comment by gary m

Sigh. . . that looks like SO much more fun than the Village. Aidan is SO cute!

Comment by Helen Stegall

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