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March 8, 2008, 3:14 pm
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Ok, so maybe I over estimated and there are only 3 “official” readers but I happen to know there are a few other readers hiding out out there. I’m look at you Gary and Nell (and Aunt Dee)! Weather here has been horrible. Rainy and cold. Patrick is far away and I am trying to entertain myself without going on huge shopping sprees with money we don’t have after a long, hard winter. Don’t worry, we’re back to work and as conflicted about that as ever. Ha!

One way I’ve managed to entertain myself is by pouring over my Microeconomics textbook. If I got anything at all from my parents (and I certainly did) it is this sickness with going back to school. I swear it’s a disease. Needforknowledge-itis. Everyone told me that I would be bored to death by this class and would just want to nap during it but really I don’t. Ok, so the subject isn’t the most exhilarating, I’ll admit, but the mere act of going to an academic class, surrounded by my “peers”, making new friends and learning is just so exciting to me. Alright fine I’m a nerd. So sue me. Now let’s just all hope this excitement pays off and Columbia lets me into its Ivy league doors next year!

In other news, Nell came over today and we attempted to make brioche. Both Nell and I love to try new things in the kitchen but I have been terrified of bread. Something about the yeast and rising and punching down and just all of it. I made a loaf of white bread last week and that went pretty well; a little undercooked in the middle but still edible. Lopsided evidence below:

Today we tried brioche. Brioche is different from most breads in that it is made with butter and eggs, resulting in a richer flesh (is it called flesh?) and a dark brown crust. Instead of doing it by hand we decided on using the stand mixer to give our arms a break. All started out well,

flour, yeast,

milk, eggs

spin, spin, spin.

We put it aside to let it rise for 2 hours and went on a little excursion to Marshalls. Long story short we took a little longer than the 2 hours and by the time we got back the dough was overproofed. Basically that means when we poked it it deflated like a popped balloon. It was very sad.

Round 2 went much better. We only proofed for an hour and a half and it was more than ready (that’s what we get for listening to a recipe).

Here’s Nell waiting anxiously for the dough to come together.
She’s kind of impatient.

And here she is hand kneading it when she couldn’t handle staying still for an extra few minutes and just had to finish it up herself. You know what they say, idle hands are the devils plaything.


Mmmmmm…the egg glaze made it look even better than it smelled!

Ok, it smelled amazing too. I only stuck my nose in it a few times. Yum! See bread isn’t scary! It’s great. Now go out and make your own. Just don’t shop too long at Marhsalls and then overproof and end up with dead fish dough.


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I’m all in on the bread making thing, although I have not tried brioche. It’s so easy and satisfying to make in my (relatively) new Kitchen Aid mixer. Great post with lots of great pics! Love.Helen

Comment by Helen (aka Mom)

OK… you’re going to have to bring the kitchen aid home with you so that we can try it out and I can be convinced that this is the one thing I can’t live without… of course, mine will have the sausage stuffing attachment… hahahahaha

Comment by evan

I’m reader #4 —

I’m enjoying your descent into domesticity. The illustrations make the story.

Never tried bread. Like you, the thought terrifies me. Maybe some day when I’m feeling extra adventurous. (Maybe not…)

Comment by Anonymous

I am not a lurker! I am official! And I ate all that brioche Monday morning.

Comment by Nell

OK….everyone else is commenting on your bread making….I need to comment on the going back to school thing!! I have not been able to really cook in a few years now, Dad has taken over that role when I became the student 🙂 All I can say is I am so proud of you and I can really relate to the challenge of learning and being with your “peers” it is intoxicating! I am hooked too! Must be something in our genes. As for the bread, you and Nell did a great job. I hope you will come home and make some for us! I may not be cooking these days, but I am eating! Love you! Mom

Comment by Donnamarie

I made bread once. It was focaccia bread with my great aunt (I think that is who she was) in France when I was 18. The only trick of hers I picked up was that the best way to cook is with a drink in your hand. It really does make cooking more fun and easier to experiment. The bread tasted great.
As for the student part, good for you. We already talked about this, but I am always wanting to go back to school, I just don’t know what for yet.

Comment by Gary M

Gary I totally feel you. You’ll find your thing and if that thing consists of us moving to (in your case, back to) CO and starting an organic, local food restaurant and bar with community outreach potential? I am so in.

Comment by Kir

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