Happy New Year from Bangkok! by stegaliu
January 1, 2008, 2:37 pm
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We are just finishing our 3rd day in Bangkok and we are wiped out! You thought New York was exhausting…this city, plus some jet lag is just brutal. We have been fighting the jet lag and winning for the most part and have managed to see some sights. We can’t upload any photos from Patrick’s new camera yet (hoping to do it in Chiang Mai)but I do have 3 humorous ones from our biking adventure. First up is this one:

That’s me using some Thai fortune sticks. Along with a few other things my fortune told me a “baby boy is forthcoming.” DO NOT get your hopes up, Dad.

Next is:

That’s Patrick on the largest bike they had with the seat and the handlebars all the way extended. He made it through the day but I am pretty sure he is the tallest person in Thailand right now.

Last is a shot of me trying hard not to fall off the teeny tiny path we were biking on in the Thonburi. It was treacherous but thankfully we made it back in one piece without any injuries.

We’ll blog more as soon as we can get some good photos up. Happy New Year!


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Hooray for the blog!! And thanks for the pictures. (Patrick has past experience riding bikes that are too small.) HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too. Love.Mom(Helen)

Comment by Anonymous

Happy New Year! I’m sure you’re probably through your jet lag now, but if not, dried cherries before bed each night do strange wonders for curing it. Miss you guys and can’t wait to see you again!
Love-Mary Kate

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