Boomer! by stegaliu
November 8, 2007, 3:42 pm
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Good friend and best man Drew has been working at the Four Faced Liar (the only bar I ever go to anymore) for the last few months. The Four Face has been my guy circle’s Cheers since I was in college. Denver, Shawn, and Kerri always charged me an appropriate amount for a starving but loyal NYU kid. They still do. Let’s hope they never find out I’ve grown up and have something resembling a job.

Drew had been working the door occasionally between trips to Thailand. After the sudden and tragic loss of beloved owner/bartender Denver, Drew made the switch from patron to staffer and began working there more frequently. In the last few months he’s been trusted to pull pints and mix drinks on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

So to get directly to the point of this post:

Drew met a lady friend who lives in the neighborhood ($$$) and she recently let him dog/apartment sit while she was out of town. Boomer is the most amazing animal I’ve met in some time.

I’ve been fascinated with St. Bernards since I was a kid, likely due to the Beethoven movies of my childhood. I felt lucky to finally spend some time with one face to snout.

Just to give you a point of reference here, Drew is a big guy–mere inches shorter than me and considerably broader. Thats a big, big dog.

One day I will own a dog 2/3 my size. Just you wait and see.


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