Working Wit’ the Kid Fitty Cent (featuring Akon) by stegaliu
October 28, 2007, 10:13 pm
Filed under: Jersey, work

So I did my first music video not too long ago. They went over budget, into overtime, etc. But contrary to what I had been told to expect, both superstars were there on time, well rehearsed, and shot out in very few takes. 50 with G-Unit and film crew below…

To make matters worse, the stage was an abandoned military warehouse at the Marine Terminal in Port Bayonne, you guessed it, New Jersey. The only place I can imagine where cruise ship passengers, military equipment, imported freight, and film shoots can co-exist in a gated, Department of Homeland Security-guarded (zzzzzz) pier.

How much does it suck to be getting off of that cruise ship? You’ve been to any number of tropical places–Nassau, Bimini, the Caymans, what have you–and this is what you come back to: romantic Bayonne, nestled in between the Port Elizabeth Shipping Container Canyon and the Turnpike Authority Gravel Pile, nightly illuminated by the Garden State’s own glowing Aurora oilheatalis. Guh. I want to shower just looking at those pictures.


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