N e e d T e l e v i s i o n. U n n n h h h h h by stegaliu
October 28, 2007, 11:08 pm
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Our new 37″ Vizio flat screen, the crown jewel of our living room, has been out of commission for almost a week now. We loved the TV and how much we paid for it until one evening the screen just went black. No popping, no static, no fanfare of any sort, just black.

We called a local TV guy up here and said, “We have this Vizio…”
“Well there’s your problem.”

I’m reminded of that short story from The Interepreter of Maladies about the rolling blackouts and how they forced a distant couple to reconnect. Well it so happens that Kir and I are newlyweds, we work together, we are totally connected in every way shape and form. We want TV. Plain and simple.

Observe the image below:

What Kir is doing is deleting non-critical programming from our DVR before it takes up space and prevents a Dirty Sexy Money or Heroes from being saved. No, your eyes aren’t fooling you. That screen is black. Kir is using her highly attuned hearing and menu-sense memory to sift through our DVR’s hard drive without actually having to see the interface.

My God, we love TV.


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I’m so conflicted… Do I hope for you to continue your tv-less life so that we can all enjoy the blogging abundance?

Or do I generously (selfishly) hope that you regain your (my) beloved TV soon (before my next visit)?

Comment by elizabeth

Did that thing come with a warranty? Ours works swell. I sympathize, since I too love TV.

Comment by Mom

woah! i am totally in awe of kir’s finely-tuned ear. daaaaaaamn.


Comment by Anonymous

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