Why I Loved Spanish Harlem… by stegaliu
October 18, 2007, 12:56 pm
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Seen on my walk across 125th to Jay’s place on Sunday:

It’s not uncommon to see loose poultry on the street near a Vivero–urban stop n’ shop slaughterhouses common in Latin and Muslim or Hasidic nabes (Kosher? Halal? No problem.).

When we lived on 117th/Lex there was a rooster I would encounter on my daily walk to the train. I would often see him guarding the trap doors that lead to his home beneath a bodega where, one assumes, cockfights took place regularly. Other times I found him lying on the sidewalk, a lazy hound at the feet of an old Boricua, stirring only when the domino table overhead was jostled.

The chicken pictured above, however, was no where near a vivero or cockfighting den. This leads me to believe he must have sprung himself from captivity and is now left to fight for food waste on the street, like any other stray cat or Terrier-sized subway rat.

Truly awe-inspiring. What a badass.

Then again, he’s probably strapped.


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