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October 1, 2007, 7:19 pm
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We may not have a baby to supply you with adorable-ness but we would like to take the chance to keep our friends and family, near and far, up to date with the goings on in our life. Now we know that our getting married may seem like a random time to start a blog, seeing as being married, to us, is more or less just like before we were married, we figured, oh what the heck. Let’s give this blog thing a shot. So here goes nothing…

As you all know, we got married last Saturday in Vermont and as a honeymoon we, drumroll please…………had dinner and a movie with Nikki and then flew to Atlanta to help Eli and Thomas put their house together!!! Aren’t we the adventurous couple!?! Here’s a few cute shots of the little man (not that we don’t love E&T but come on this kid is too photogenic!):


What color is Carter’s parachute?
Future Cop?

The Fowlkes’ new house is great and we were happy to be the first out of town guests. We send them best wishes from their former city and hope the visits back and forth are frequent and fun-filled. Also while we were in the ATL, Patrick continued his tradition of only getting tattoos while on vacation:

Other than that we have been maxin’ and relaxin’. The contractors are coming in the morning to rip out our kitchen and then will spend the rest of the week putting in a whole new kitchen. We’ll post before and after pics when there is an after to show you. Hope that was an OK first post! I’ll have Patrick attempt something more interesting for you soon.



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Yay! Welcome to the blog world! We’ll be checking all the time, so keep up the posting. We miss you already!

Comment by elizabeth

Yeah X 2! Now we can really keep up with you. Nice site. Can’t wait to see the kitchen.Love.MamaH

Comment by Anonymous

Super thanks for all the help putting furniture together and for the great cooking you did for us! We loved your honeymoon!

Comment by T

Oh, yay, another blog to read! So glad you guys could help E&T, and congratulations!!

Comment by rachel

Hi guys! The wedding was great and I love your blog. Update often! I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with wedding pics right now, but my are on the way!

Comment by Mary Kate

love the name of your site, btw…
*adds blog to folder: “voyueristic social circle.”

Comment by Kathleen

Woo Hoo! Glad to see the blog…I’ve checked a couple of times since the big event but also knew how busy you two were honeymooning (grin) and all.
Can’t wait to catch up. I will of course have to schedule a viewing for MiMi and Sadie!
Love you both, Aunt Linda

Comment by Anonymous

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